Reimagine Staying Connected in a Healthier Way

Simply charging our devices is no longer enough. UV-C light technology is the solution!


Imagine the day in the life of your devices. Think about the  exposure and collection of unhealthy germs and bacteria. It is essential that we clean our devices and sanitize using UV-C light.


Like you, our devices need energy to make the best of every day. When running low, we all feel anxious.  Fuel your devices with rapid charge technology and never worry again.


Your devices deserve a break from their humans. This gives you time to connect and engage with others.  When reunited with your device, you are both re-energized and ready to go.


UV-C sanitizing and charging solutions for your cell phone and other personal items. 
Plus an all-in one and easy to use anti-bacterial spray with microfiber cloth. Perfectly designed for home, office and travel anywhere.

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UV-C sanitizing and  charging solutions customized solutions.  These products can disinfect and charge multiple devices at the same time.  Perfectly designed for schools and universities, business and event venues. 

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The "Dirty Little Secret"

ENJOY this video and the shocking truth of the germs, bacteria and potential viruses on our personal devices and everyday items we use. We are all more focused today on being clean and healthy. With Connect-UV, we are "Reimagining Staying Connected in a Healthier Way"

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Phones Are Filthy

The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes and comes in contact 80 times a day. Just think about the places your phone goes acting as a magnet for germs and bacteria- simply gross! How many times do you disinfect your phone in a week? After this fun video, it will make you think. With Connect-UV, we are "Reimagining Staying Connected in a Healthier Way"

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Spread the word and not more germs in schools & universities

Are we taking every precaution necessary to reopen our schools and universities? We all know phones and devices are magnets for our students everyday in our schools. Phones are magnets for germs, bacteria and potential viruses that we are inviting into our classrooms. Connect UV has a simple and proven solution to address a major issue to protect our students and teachers!

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-Cleaner Box with Dual UV-C Lights

-Fast Wireless Charging

-Free Express Shipping within U.S.

-Anti-Bacterial Spray

-Built-in MicroFiber Cloth

-Clean Protectant Case 

-Free Express Shipping within U.S. 

  • Black/Gray Two Layer, Reversible Style
  • UV A/B Ray Blocking Fabric To Help Keep Cool
  • Breathable and Washable
  • Adjustable Ear Straps
  • Fast Express Shipping within U.S.